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Recycle Code: 1

PET is the most recycled form of plastic.About 25% of PET bottles are recycled in the U.S. with the general idea that bottles made from PET should be recycled and not reused. The recycled PET is crushed into PET flakes and reused to make polyester fiber or new PET bottles.


Recycle Code: 2

HDPE products are both reusable and recyclable since they are resilient to extreme hot and cold temperatures and don’t break down in sunlight. However, only 30-35% of these plastics get recycled in the U.S. each year. 


Recycle Code: 4

LDPE is one of the less toxic plastics out there. They are reusable but not always recyclable depending on what the recycling facility in your area accepts. Progress has been made in making the recycling of these plastics easier and more widely accepted. 


Recycle Code: 5

PP is reusable and recyclable, however only 3% is recycled in the America. This is changing slowly, and more and more recycling centers and local curbside programs are now accepting PP. To replace these materials.

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PET Bottles

We are Hull based recycling facility with a capacity of 1000 tons of recycled PET plastic. We can provide clear PET flakes or RPET, blue and green or mixed colour regrind plastic.

If you are looking for the best England based recycling company that offers high quality recycled products, then look no further. At JP Recycling, we offer PET plastic flakes in quality and in bulk. Our recycled products are the most technologically and economically advanced so you can be assured of getting value for your money and a competitive offer.

Please contact us if you require further information regarding our PET Flakes or Bottles caps ( Material LDPE).


PET Flakes Clear

We produce 100% clear PET flakes using our highly advanced recycling plant. Our factory is situated in Hull, North Humberside, and all recycling processes including washing , sorting and grinding of RPET is performed by experts.
Our integrated plant is capable of recycling PET bottles in bulk. We can do up to 1000 tons of waste plastic every month. We achieve this through the commitment and hard work of our team. Whether you are looking for a large volume of PET flakes or any other form of recycled plastic, we can assist. Our facility in the Humber and East Riding of Yorkshire is very well suited to supply our products to the whole of Western, Central, Europe and the United Kingdom.