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What is Plastic

Plastic is actually an organic substance with higer molecular mass, it consists of malleable organic compounds that can be molded in solid forms. The actual word " Plastic " is from Greek origin ( Plastikos) which means molded. 

It was invented around 100 years ago, It was evolved with some chemical alteration and modification of natural occuring material such as collagen, cellulose and rubber. One of the known example of the early work of the chemical modification work was done by a guy named Alexander Parkes in 1855. He named his invention Parkesine.

 It was an early form of Celluloid a synthetic material. A Real synthetic for mass production was created by a Belgian-American Chemist in 1907 and it was called Bakelite.

Plastic, sometimes it seems like the buzzword of a generation.

We talk so much about plastic and ocean pollution and the logistics of recycling, but it’s rare we take the time to look at what recycling actually is. By doing so, we can shed a light on the importance of recycling and its role in the logistics of a developed world.

Plastic and other polymers can be recycled and we should do the our part to stop these polymers ending up in ocean, beaches or landfill.

Data collected by The Economist showed below the scale of mismanaged plastic waste.